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Member of the CA Association
of Licensed Investigators

Caring of Our Children Foundation

Shelter From The Storm Foundation

Founder Nelson Figueroa served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for over ten years and has had more than 25 years experience as a law enforcement detective.  

Nelson has led and provided security teams across the country for a Fortune 100 company for the past ten years.  He has expertise in assessing security risks, providing sentry protection, and investigating cases that involve organized crime, narcotics, theft, and other major criminal enterprises.  He is an organized crime expert and additional experience includes Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) as well as crisis and hostage negotiation.

His ability to liaise with federal and state investigative agencies has proven valuable in many of his security and investigative projects.  He also has relationships with high-level influencers responsible for corporate security departments, high-risk insurance experts, global supply chain transportation leaders, IT technical analysts, attorneys-at-law and cyber security experts.  This network allows NSI to be privy to new corporate technology that is being implemented and the tactics being used to counter these attacks.

Nelson is a Disabled American Veteran and a Minority Business Owner.  He is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, Marine Corps Association, Disabled American Veterans, and the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA). 

Nelson’s dedication to helping fellow veterans led him to create Heroes 2 Work, a program which provides employment to veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  The program began within a transportation Fortune 100 company.  There was a need to provide top security in a strategic Category X airport.  By utilizing fellow veterans, NSI introduced Heroes 2 Work, securing top talent to enforce security.

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